Monday, 2 September 2013

Just Got To Share.....

On Saturday I popped over to Coleman's Craft Warehouse in Rushden as Nikky Hall was doing a demo for P.A.B they are the fab company behind Graph'its and pan pastels which before today I hadn't tried.

Oh my all I can say is O.M.G you have to try METALLIC PAN PASTELS, I've been playing (sorry crafting) all afternoon with them and Nikky was right. I couldn't stop lol. So I shall start by showing you the 2 bits of embossed card I used.

I rubbed the card stock over with a sticky embossing pad and then started to add the pan pastels I think I used every colour lol and as Nikky had advised buffed it with a soft cloth. I then added a little bit of silver at the end just to make it 'pop'. Just look at the difference, don't they look fab? I just adore them

I then decided to take it further and turn everything else metallic too lol and ended up with this creation. It's for a friend on twitter and Facebook so I've just got to hope she doesn't spot it but if she does...sorry Viv I couldnt wait to share x

Seriously guys you need to try these!


  1. LOVE these Bev, they look amazing! Love what you did with them and so glad you're addicted too! xx

  2. Definitely going to be purchasing these! I don't own any pan pastels but the Metallics look so good and really make the embossing 'pop'

  3. They're going on the must have rather than the wish list.... the colours look gorgeous!! So do your cards Bev.

  4. Lovely Bev - may have to get some of these!