Sunday, 20 October 2013

Never Ending Tutorial

I had a few people on the social media sites asking me to do a tutorial for last weeks Polkadoodles DT Challenge piece so here goes. I'm hoping it's easy enough to follow.

1. You will need 4 pieces of identical card stock, each measuring 10 x 20 cm


2. Now you need to score 5cm from each end of each piece of card stock. So you will have a score line at 5cm and another at 15cm. Then lay 2 pieces of the scored card horizontally (see above photo)

3. Now you need to add your adhesive of choice, for quickness I used the strong, double sided red tape but you could use wet glue but obviously you will need to have patience.......

4. Okay just be a little careful here as if using tape you will have no room for correction, you need to place the last two pieces of card stock squarely onto the taped pieces but this time portrait, make sure when you place it down the corners all square up too each other.

5. You should then be left with a card that to me looks like an H. Basically thats it! I did tell you it was simple its just knowing how to put it together, now all you do is go ahead and decorate as you'd like. I just make sure when I add the backing papers I cut them 0.5 cm smaller than the section of card I'm placing it on just so there is a neat little border around the edge.

6. The finished card! You can raised the toppers up a little to give a 3D effect but obviously not too high as it will cause problems when turning the card.

You Tube has been a naughty boy today but hopefully my video will work. Give it a go, thanks for stopping by x

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