Friday, 4 April 2014

Vellum Rose Tutorial

I've been asked a few times lately how I make my vellum roses so thought I'd put together a quick photo heavy tutorial for you to follow.

1. You will need.

Scalloped circle punch
Dries clear glue
Vellum, paper or felt

2. Punch out four flowers. 

3. Now cut into the flowers as per photo, the first one is just snipped to the centre the second, one petal cut out, the third two petals. Until you are left with this...

4. You then need to add glue to one petal on each piece.

5. Making each one into a cone shape it gets a little fiddly the smaller you get.

6. Now leave the biggest layer whole but snip the bottoms off the remaining five pieces.

7. Now put your thumb into the biggest layer and squash it down to give it a flat bottom.

8. Now put a dollop of 'dries clear' glue into the base.

9. Now use the second biggest layer, shape the petals a little with your fingers and place it into the glue.

10. Repeat this process putting layer after layer inside each other adding a little more glue each time.

11. When you get down to the last petal you may find it easier to glue the layer you're inserting

12. That's all there is to it. If you get various sized punches your roses will obviously end up different sizes but please bear in mind the small ones are very fiddly.

Thanks for stopping by I hope I've helped some of you on your way to making your own flowers.