Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Basic Colouring Tutorial

Hi guys. Thanks for stopping by, this post is aimed at those of you who keep saying 'I can't colour' or 'My colouring looks like a child has done it' yes you know who you are! I'm hoping to launch a little experiment at the same time as this blog post and that is to hand my pencils and a printed digi to my neighbour who is going to try and follow this VERY photo heavy tutorial.

All you need is the essential set of Spectrum Noir pencils and a digi stamp. The pencils are not my first choice of medium but they are a good entry level set that can be picked up for around £15. I daren't think of the money I've spent on various makes of pencils/pens over the years. You never know, just by reading on you may save a few quid!

Okay are you ready? It is easy honestly and if at first you don't succeed...... try, try again. What's the worst that can happen? 

Skin: It's just a case of layering up adding shade and going over the darker shade with the colour shown. I'm hoping the photos speak for themselves. I mean look you can't even see the base colour on this first picture.

Hair: This image is ideal as there's not a huge amount of hair to colour. Remember, all over with the lightest colour, shade with the darkest around hat, back & tips blend out with mid tone and then back over with the lightest!

Jeans: Try to remember to lay the first colour down quite lightly then use the lines & folds on the digi as a guide to where the shading should be.

Coat: The base layer is so light you can hardly see it but by the time its finished you should find you have a variety of tones.

Hat & Scarf: I'm hoping the photos are quite self explanatory here.

 Snowballs & Fur: the secret here is a layer of white pencils and dotting the blues before blending out with the white at the end. Again use the shading on the digi itself as a guide.

 Stripes on scarf: for narrower areas just make sure you have a nice sharp pencil!

Boots: Once again a very light first layer then blend out the darkest colour with the mid tone and then back over with the first colour. Seriously it's not rocket science guys.

I'd love to hear how you get on. Please feel free to leave me a comment but remember be gentle with me, I'm no expert but I do believe that if I can do it, anyone can.

Good Luck!


  1. Fab tutorial bev .. A whizz with pencils xx

  2. WOW - Bev, this is a fabulous tutorial - WOW!

  3. Brilliant tutorial Bev and love all the photos showing pencil colours. This helps translate your tutorial to other brands of pencils. x x x